Four Ductwork Improvements To Reduce Energy Loss With Your HVAC System

If you are like millions of other homeowners, you have a central HVAC system. These systems have a series of ductwork, which deliver the air conditioning in your home. The ducts can also be a source of wasted energy due to damage, poor insulation and dirt. If you want your HVAC system to be more efficient, improving the ductwork is an affordable improvement that you may want to consider. Here are some of the things that can be done to your ducts to reduce energy loss in your home:

1. Repairing Damaged Ducts And Insulation

Ducts can often be located in bad locations like crawl spaces or attics, which makes them prone to damage. You should check ductwork in these areas for noticeable signs of damage, such as missing insulation or connections coming apart. If you see any of these problems, repairing them can greatly improve the performance of your air conditioning.

2. Having Your Ducts Cleaned To Remove Dirt And Debris

Dirt and ducts is another common problem with central HVAC. This debris is caught on the walls of ducts and can eventually make its way to the mechanical parts of your system. The collection of dust on the air conditioning unit and furnace can cause them to not work as efficiently. Having your ducts cleaned can be an affordable way to improve the energy efficiency of your system.

3. Replacing Flexible Ducts With Rigid Ductwork

There are also flexible ducts, which are commonly used in homes and are poorly installed. These ducts can be bent and crimped, restricting the airflow of your system. Replacing the flexible ducts with rigid ductwork, can help to prevent these problems. The rigid ductwork will also give your HVAC system better airflow, improving performance and comfort in your home.

4. Sealing And Improving Ductwork Designs

Sealing ducts and fixing air leaks can also help to improve your ductwork. If you have ducts in locations like crawl spaces, you may want to consider having them installed in joists and sealing the joists from the crawl space. This can also be done with ducts in attics. You can have them moved to locations where they can be sealed off from these spaces.

These are some of the improvements that can be done to the ductwork in your home to reduce energy loss. If you are ready to make improvements to your AC and ductwork, contact a professional HVAC contractor like Mountain Air Comfort Systems and ask them about doing some of these things to your system.