Is Your Plumbing System Giving You Headaches? 4 Signs of an Emergency

Plumbing issues usually start small and hence are easy to ignore. For example, a minor leak in a faucet might not be bothersome and can go unrepaired for several months. Unfortunately, a minor issue can quickly escalate into an emergency. 

Some plumbing emergencies like gas leaks can leave you with devastating losses that could take years to recover. It is often tempting to fix these issues on your own in order to evade the cost of hiring a plumber. But doing this could aggravate the situation. Instead, it is best to hire emergency plumbing services since the experts have the right skills and tools to resolve the problem efficiently. Below are examples of plumbing emergencies you should never ignore.

The Pipes Have Burst Open

This issue is mainly prevalent in the winter. It results in mold growth, severely damaging the interior and exterior surfaces. Besides, gallons of water get lost in such an incidence, which translates to increased water bills. At such a moment, you should first turn the water off before calling an emergency plumbing company. If the burst pipe is inside the home, remove all valuables near it to prevent damage.

The Water Heater is Malfunctioning

If no hot water is running from your taps, your water heater is likely failing. Apart from lack of hot water, you may also hear strange noises such as gurgling, bubbling, or clanking from the taps. Usually, these sounds are connected to heater problems that require the attention of a plumber. 

For example, gurgling sounds signal increased mineral deposits in your water heating tank. Other indications of water heater damage include irritating smells and a change in water color.

The Sewer Line Is Blocked

A blockage in your sewer lines can be extremely frustrating and stressful. That is why you should watch out for what goes into the septic tank. For example, flashing sanitary towels and wipes down the toilet is a recipe for disaster, even in commercial places. Furthermore, tree root penetration can cause a devastating blockage of the system. 

Besides slowed water flow, clogged drains may cause water pooling in the basement, foul smell, and sewer backup. Because of that, you need emergency plumbing to fix the problem soonest possible.

Your plumbing system is a vital part of your home as it ensures the smooth running of chores in the house. Therefore, if you notice any signs of trouble, have them repaired quickly by a plumbing company with emergency services.