Dysfunctional Ductwork Can Be A Major HVAC System Issue

When your HVAC system is not working properly, it is easy to assume that the outside or inside units are broken. However, the ductwork can be the culprit, which is why you need to keep this area well maintained. Having a company come out and inspect your ductwork may lead to a few surprising discoveries as to why your HVAC does not work well.

Clogged Ducts

If you have pets, your ductwork can become clogged with pet hair and dander. Unfortunately, different types of debris such as pollen, dust, wood ash from fireplaces and human hair can also create large clogs within your ductwork as well. To counteract this problem, it is a good idea to look into cleaning out your ductwork on a routine basis.

You can find companies that can thoroughly clean your ductwork for you. Even though cleaning methods can vary by company, most of them offer one that involves a high-powered vacuum and brush. The brush breaks apart any clogs and the vacuum removes the debris from the lines.

Another method uses high-pressured air to break apart the clogs and then the air is used to push the debris towards a vacuum at the entrance of your ductwork. All of these methods have a common outcome, which is removing even the smallest debris from your home's HVAC system.

Broken Seams

In some cases, getting your ductwork cleaned will also help you identify another problem, which is broken seams. When seams are broken, they leak hot and cold air into your attic or crawl space. This leaking air prevents your system from working properly, because most of the air never reaches the interior of your home.

Some companies that offer cleaning services can also repair the seams of your ductwork. Many leaks are the direct result of loose screws or tape that comes away from the seam.

To repair these issues, the technician will locate the leak by sending air through the line and then they will feel for the air coming out of one or more of the seams. Once the issue is found, then the technician can replace any missing screws or fix the broken seam with some new tape.

It is important to note that the tape the technician uses is specifically designed for ductwork. Though the product resembles duct tape, the work is completed with a malleable glue that the technician covers with a silver film to repair the seam.  

When your home's HVAC system is not working right, your main issue can actually be your ductwork. To help prevent this from being a continuous problem, it is best to have the ductwork cleaned on a regular basis by a qualified company. To learn more about duct cleaning, contact a business like Jones Air Conditioning & Electric.