Landscaping Around Your Air Conditioner Condenser? What You Don’t Know Could Cost You!

Landscaping around your air conditioner condenser is a great idea. After all, your air conditioner condenser isn't the most attractive piece of equipment, and proper landscaping can hide the condenser while beautifying the lawn. However, your air conditioner condenser is a sensitive piece of equipment that requires adequate air flow and ventilation in order to function properly.

Improper landscape techniques in the vicinity of the condenser can cause debris and organic matter to build up inside and around the condenser, which can actually do damage. Over time, improper landscaping can result in necessary air conditioning repair. These tips will help you landscape safely around your air conditioner condenser, so you can avoid damage and improve your home's curb appeal. 

Your Condenser Needs Space

Your air conditioner condenser needs at least 2 feet of space on all sides in order to get adequate air flow. There should be no grass, shrubs, flowers or plants of any kind growing within 2 feet of your condenser. To prevent anything from growing in the area around the condenser, dig out a path around the condenser. Remove all grass, weeds and other plants. You'll have to maintain this path around the condenser by pulling out weeds as they grow, unless you insert paving stones in the area. Avoid using mulch around the condenser, as debris from the mulch can become caught in the fins and coils of the unit. 

Landscape Carefully in the Area Around the Condenser

After you've dug out a path around the condenser, you can plant shrubs or flowers on the other side of the path. The best plants will be slow growing, thornless and will produce little organic waste. Slow growing plants are better because they require less pruning that could get caught in the fins and coils of the condenser. Thornless plants are important because thorns can inhibit access to the condenser. The plants you choose should also not shed very often. For example, dead leaves from annuals that die at the end of the year will build up inside your condenser. 

Plants that Provide Shade Can Prolong the Life of Your Air Conditioner

Well-placed evergreen shrubs and trees, like cypress trees and boxwoods, can provide deep shade for your condenser. Shade prevents the condenser from overheating or working too hard on hot summer days, and can ultimately prolong the life of your air conditioner. To provide adequate shade for your condenser, plant your selected trees or shrubs in a row on all exposed sides of the condenser. Remember to keep the shrubs at least 2 feet from the unit. 

For more information about how to safely landscape in the area around your condenser, speak with a certified and experienced air conditioner repair person like one from Quality HomEnergy.