4 Common Solar Water Heater Problems

Solar hot water heaters are eco-friendly and effectively provide hot water throughout your home. Like other water heaters, they must be maintained regularly to keep working properly. However, even if they are being maintained, you might occasionally notice some issues. Here are common problems with these types of water heaters and instructions on how to address them.

You Aren't Getting Hot Water

A very common problem with water heaters is that they no longer supply hot water to the home. If you turn on your faucet or shower, and only get cold water, then the water heater is malfunctioning. When you don't get any hot water whatsoever, it is typically due to either the thermostat or the circuit breaker. The first thing to check is the circuit breaker box since it is easy to find. Look for the circuit breaker, which should be labeled for the water heater. If it is in the down position, push it up, and see if the water is warming up when a faucet is turned on. If not, check the thermostat next. You can try raising the temperature or re-programming it.

The Pump Runs Continuously

Another common problem with solar hot water heaters is that the pump to the heater keeps running, even at night when nobody is using any water source. Find your solar controller switch, which is on the water heater itself, and check its setting. If it is set to automatic, then you need to call a technician. When it is on automatic and it keeps running randomly, then there is a plumbing issue. If it is set to manual and someone accidentally turned it on, you should be able to turn it off, and the pump will stop running.

You Hear Loud Noises

When you hear a loud knocking sound coming from your solar hot water heater, check the solar high limit control first. If it is set too low, the pump of the water heater is probably turning off whenever the sun is out. When this happens, the panels inside the water heater boil, which then causes steam in the heater to flow through system and cause those sounds. Check the setting of the solar high limit control and adjust as needed.

Your Electric Bill is Higher

If your electric bill is suddenly higher than it used to be, it is probably due to either the pump or the valves. If the pump is running when you aren't using faucets, then that is probably what is causing your bill to be higher. However, if you notice that one of the solar pipes is hot and the other is cold, then there is a problem with the valves. This is a sign that the valves are heating up when they don't need to be, which is draining your energy and causing your bill to be higher.

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