When Your Heating System Is Making Noise: Problem Solving Common Sounds That Come From Heating Your Home

At the beginning of the heating season, you may be surprised at just how loud your heating system is. When your system sits dormant for a number of months, the banging, humming, and knocking that you hear when your furnace turns on. If you have any concerns, you can try problem solving on your own. While most noises aren't necessarily a big deal, it's important to do some investigation when you hear sounds that you are not familiar with. From a poorly lubricated blower motor to air changes in the duct work, your heating system can make a number of interesting noises for you to look at further.

When Your Furnace Is Screeching

If you turn on your furnace and you hear a screeching sound that doesn't go away, there is probably a belt or a bearing that needs to be replaced. While this is not an emergency repair, leaving on a belt that is making noise is going to cause bigger repairs in the future. Changing out a belt is no big deal, and can be done easily by your HVAC technician. You may also hear a chirping like sound when you turn on your unit, another sign that you you need a belt replaced. You will probably notice these sounds if your system hasn't been turned on in awhile. If they don't go away, it's time to call for help.

The Heating and Cooling of Metal

Simple rattling sounds that occur when you turn a furnace on can mean you need to tighten your cover panels. Noises occur when metal gets hot and then cools down again. This can cause your furnace to rattle. If you tighten the panels and you continue to hear rattling from within your furnace, you'll need to have your furnace serviced to check for bigger problems. You may hear loud, knocking noises when you turn on your furnace or when it shuts off. This is your duct work expanding and contracting while getting hot then cold. While this is normal, you can check your duct work and open up a vent or two to reduce the noise.

Loud Banging When your Furnace Starts

Loud banging when your furnace starts can be because of the buildup of air in your duct work, but it can also be from delayed gas ignition. This is a problem that needs to be fixed, as the mini explosion can wreck your furnace. With delayed gas ignition, gas builds inside the furnace before igniting, causing a loud bang.

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