Four Things You Can Do To Have High Quality Air In Your Home

Indoor air quality can be a big issue for anyone who has allergies, but even for people without allergies, the outdoor air in many parts of the country can be filled with various contaminants, and this can easily find its way into your home. There are several things you can do on a periodic basic to keep the quality of your home's air high. The following are four of them.

Change your air filters

Your air conditioning and heating system has one or more filters. Most home owners know where their filter is located, and they know they should change it, but you need to do this on a regular basis. In general, it is a good idea to change your filter once a month. You should do it on the same day of each month, so it becomes routine. It is also helpful to keep several on hand, so when it is time to change the filter, you won't put it off until later. If you have a separate AC and heating unit, you can change the filter of the unit that is being used during the current season.

Keep your air ducts clean

Once a year you should have your air ducts cleaned out. Dust and other particles will accumulate over time on the inside of the ducts. Some of this will find its way into every room of your house. A professional duct cleaning company can clean out all of the ducts and clean the venting plates in each room as well.

Have your air and heating system serviced annually

Every year you should have maintenance done on your AC and heating system. Although there are many good reasons for doing this, one of them is to keep the air quality high. You need to make sure that your system is not creating dirty air to begin with. Part of annual maintenance work is to clean fans that accumulate dirt and the condenser that produces moisture. This latter problem can lead to mold, and the spores can be distributed throughout your home.

Consider using an indoor air purifier

These units do exactly what their name implies. They are a good addition to the ideas listed above. And because they are available in a variety of power capabilities, you can buy them for any size room, or simply use them for a room where those most sensitive to the air quality spend a lot of time.

Keeping the air inside your home clean is an ongoing process, but if you use the ideas listed above, you will be able to keep your indoor air quality high. For more information and professional help, contact air quality services, like Tailor Made Maintenance Inc.