Money Saving Tips For Your Heating Bill This Winter

Your furnace may be working just fine, but it could be costing you extra money on your heating bill every month. If your home and furnace aren't in top shape, you could be blowing quite a bit of money unnecessarily on your heating bill. See below for some things you can do to help save you money on your heating bill this winter.

Winterize Your Home

Get your home winter ready (which can also benefit you in the summer as well).

  1. Make repairs around your home such as sealing and caulking around windows and doors. You could have small air leaks, which means your nice warm air is going to leak out, while colder air is going to also make its way into your home. Caulk inside your home around the trim on your windows and doors, and caulk around the exterior of your doors and windows as well.
  2. You can also use plastic to cover the inside of your windows. There are multiple manufacturers that sell this type of plastic. Cut the plastic to size to cover your windows plus about three inches, then use the double-stick tape around your window trim. Stick the plastic to the tape, then use a blow dryer to shrink the plastic so it's tight on your windows. This will also help to seal out drafts.
  3. Swap out your usual curtains for curtains that help to block out a draft. Look for heavier curtains to help keep in the warmth of your home.
  4. Inspect your door seals for cracks, tears or dry rotting. If you spot anything wrong with the door seals, be sure to replace them. You can also add a door sweep to the bottom of doors to keep drafts out.

Clean Your HVAC System

Have your furnace and duct work cleaned and inspected before the beginning of the winter season to ensure your heating system is in proper working order and to prevent it from over-running. If your furnace is too dirty, it can cause it to over-run and you could be paying more money on your energy bill. Also be sure to change your furnace filter, which if too dirty, can cause a premature breakdown of your furnace.

Open All Vents

Make sure all of your vents are open and not blocked by anything that could block the air flow to the rooms of your home. If your vents are blocked, air is not going to be properly distributed. This may cause you to raise the temperature on the thermostat, which is not necessary. It can result in higher heating costs. Go through your home and check all of your vents to be sure they are open and unblocked by furniture or anything else.

Your heating bill is probably one of the most expensive monthly bills you pay. Don't spend extra unnecessarily, make repairs, have the furnace cleaned by a professional and make sure all of your vents are open.