Having Your Central Air Replaced At The Office? Get Ready With This Checklist

Central air conditioning units tend to last between 10 and 15 years before they must be replaced. Therefore, if you have a central cooling unit in your office building that has been in use for about that long, you may be facing an imminent replacement. Having any kind of work done in a workplace environment can be a bit of a challenge, but the best way to get through the process unscathed is to get prepared in advance. You definitely do not want the installation of your new AC system interrupting daily processes. Use this helpful checklist to help you get prepared. 

1. Create clear access to the current air unit's location. 

First, before your new unit can go in place, the old AC system will have to be removed. But either way, there should be a clear path to and from the location where the air unit is located. The outdoor condenser unit is probably easy enough to access, but the inside unit tends to be closed off somewhere in a storage closet or perhaps in an attic crawlspace. Wherever the AC is located, make sure you create a clear path for the technicians to get to the unit. Move cubicles and desks, rearrange workstations, and get rid of anything that could be in the way. Remember, the old AC will have to be taken out through an exit point. 

2. Prepare for AC downtime. 

While your new unit is being installed, your office building is not going to have any air conditioning. Therefore, it is best if you can have this project completed sometime in the year when the temperatures are not incredibly high. If you have no choice but to have the new unit installed when it's hot, do what you can to keep the office at a comfortable temperature temporarily. You could:

  • Set up floor fans in different areas to keep air circulating
  • Rent a few portable AC units
  • Close off windows to prevent hot sunlight from streaming into the building

3. Be available to converse with the technician.

Workplace environments can be really busy, but you will need someone who can freely converse with the AC technician while they are in the building, as this will make the project go much more smoothly. If you are the office manager or business owner, make yourself available to the installer and let them know where to find you if they need assistance with part of the project. 

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