The Problems Of An HVAC Duct System

If the duct area of an HVAC system has problems, air might not flow through correctly. Problematic air ducts can also lead to a foul odor lingering in your house, especially when they are old. The duct system can actually decrease the level of efficiency that the system has if it never receives any professional maintenance. In some cases, a duct system can become problematic to the extent of needing to be removed so a technician can install a new one. Browse through the content below for an overview of things that you should be concerned about in regards to an HVAC duct system.

Holes & Deterioration

HVAC inefficiency is usually due to something being wrong with the flow strength or temperature of the air. Although temperature problems are often due to a lack of coolant or damaged coils, the air flow strength can be due to the condition of the duct system. For instance, if there are holes in the ducts, air can lose strength by seeping out through them before going through vents. Duct holes can sometimes be patched up if they are not too large. Ducts that are old can begin to deteriorate, which is how holes might come about.

Rodent Carcasses

Foul odors coming through an HVAC ventilation system can make a house feel uncomfortable, especially when guests are visiting. The odors can stem from numerous things being inside of the duct system, such as rodent carcasses. Too many rodents crawling around or dying in the ducts can also block air and cause it to not flow through the vents at a satisfactory strength. If there are any foul odors coming through your vents, hire a professional to pinpoint the root of the problem. Getting the ducts occasionally cleaned out can prevent odors and assist with keeping the system efficient.

Loose Duct Joints

An HVAC air duct system is constructed of numerous parts that are attached together. It is possible for the joints between each duct to become loose after some time has passed. Normal wear and tear can also lead to the duct joints becoming unattached, and the damage is sometimes too severe for them to be reattached. If you don't have an idea as to why less air has been flowing through the vents than usual, get the duct joints inspected by a professional. He or she might suggest that a new duct system is installed.

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