Is It Time To Call A Heating Repair Technician?

Figuring out whether a heating repair problem is something you can deal with, or an issue for a technician to handle may help you save some money. Pay attention to these four signs of whether it might be time to speak with someone at a heating repair services company.

A Thud Before the Heat Comes On

If you have a forced-air gas furnace, hearing any kind of heavy sound prior to heat being blown is an indicator of a potentially serious situation. This is especially the case if you hear the sound of metal being thumped. The most likely explanation for this behavior from a system is that the gas is not igniting cleanly. It's very possible that the burners are clogging or that the ignition system is working improperly, causing gas to build up for too long prior to it being lit. There may also be a gas a smell.

Should you have a water-based heating system, it's still problematic. There could be air or material in the lines causing a build-up of pressure.

The Heat Doesn't Activate

This is a problem that ranges from very simple to fix to potentially serious. The first order of business is to inspect the heating system and see if it's presently working. Most systems should have button or switches on them to force them to start. If nothing happens when you activate the unit that way, then it's time to call a heating repair technician.

Should the setup come on, then you most likely are having a problem with the thermostat. Confident DIYers can easily replace thermostats, but other homeowners might want to contact a professional.

Odd Smells

The most common cause of weird smells from a heating unit is that the air filters may need to be changed. If there are any metallic or oily smells, that's probably an indication of an impending mechanical failure.

Heat Isn't Coming Out

A system that only blows cold air is a bad sign, and it may be an indication that ignition is not occurring. If you notice a strong smell of gas, open as many windows as possible and try to shut off any potential ignition sources. Should the smell be overpowering, leave the house immediately and contact an emergency heating repair company. Should there be no heat and no gas smell, you should call a professional, but there's likely less of a rush.