Why Your Air Conditioner May Be Short Cycling

Once you make the decision to have an ac installation done in your home, you'll start to learn about common issues you can encounter when your air conditioner is in place. It's important to learn how to change the air filters every month so that you can avoid an air conditioner that has to work hard just to get enough air to keep working. Short cycling occurs when your air conditioner turns on for a short while, doesn't reach the temperature set by the thermostat, and the system shuts off. Your air conditioner could be short cycling for a number of reasons, and it's important to get to the bottom of what is going on with your air conditioner.

When You Have a Refrigerant Leak

Low refrigerant levels are a common reason that your air conditioner will start to short cycle. Refrigerant can leak out of your air conditioner, causing your system to short cycle. You will need to have a technician come and figure out where the leak is so that your system can be fixed and the refrigerant level corrected. Beyond short cycling, you may also notice that your ac is blowing warm air, another sign of low refrigerant levels.

If Air Filters are Clogged

When your air filters are clogged, your air conditioner has to work extra hard to try to cool down your home. The filters will need to be changed and this should correct the problem. Your system will turn off if it gets too hot trying to cool down your house, causing your system to short cycle. Make sure to change your air filters monthly during periods of heavy use, and you won't have a problem with clogged air filters.

Ice On Your Evaporator Coils

Your evaporator coils can become iced up because of problems with the flow of refrigerant. If the blower stops working, the evaporator coils can begin to build up ice and your system will turn off. If you find ice on your evaporator coils, turn off your system and allow the ice to melt. This can fix the problem. If ice continues to build up, you will need to have your system serviced by a technician. 

Your air conditioner is struggling to work if it is short cycling. Beyond low refrigerant and clogged filters, there could be an electrical issue that needs to be addressed. When you hear your system turn on and off again without cooling down your home, it's time to call for ac repair services.

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