Why Is A Boiler The Best Heating Option For Your Home

When it comes to heating your home, you have a few different options. Primarily, you will have to decide if you want to use a furnace or a boiler to generate heat. Both appliances create heat and distribute it throughout your home, but they do so through different methods. Furnaces use combustion to generate heat; either gas or electricity is used to burn fuel. Boilers generate heat by boiling water. Here are four reasons why a boiler could be a better option for your home:

1. They are efficient.

Boilers carry radiant heat. Once water reaches the appropriate temperature, it stays hot longer than heated air would. This heat retention translates into savings, since less energy is required to maintain the appropriate temperature in your home. Over time, you can save money thanks to the efficiency of boiler heat.

2. They can warm your floors.

Many homes that utilize boilers have a series of pipes running underneath the floors. With this setup, heat is distributed evenly throughout your home in a radiant manner. Since heat rises, your whole house will become warm. Many people find the extra heat in their floors pleasant. Warm floors mean you can comfortably walk barefoot in your house, even during winter. You'll never have to worry about getting out of bed and stepping on an unpleasantly cold floor.

3. They are less drying.

Many people complain of dry skin and sinuses in winter. The cold air outside can chap your skin, and some types of central heating also suck the moisture out of the air. Forced air heating is notorious for creating dryness in your home. Some people resort to humidifiers in order to combat this effect. Since boilers do not send hot air throughout your home, you won't have to worry about dry noses or sore throats due to lack of humidity.

4. They don't create hot spots.

Boiler heat is often more even than other types of central heating. Your entire home will get uniformly warm, so you won't have to deal with hot spots and cold patches in your house. This is especially useful in large rooms, where forced air heating is less effective.

If you decide to use a boiler to heat your home, take advantage of a boiler installation expert. They can install whichever type of boiler you choose, gas-powered or electric. If your home lacks the necessary infrastructure to utilize boiler heat, your HVAC contractor can install the other necessary components as well.