How to Prepare Your HVAC System for Warmer Months

As the temperatures start to warm up, you are likely thinking about switching the thermostat settings from heat to cool. However, your air conditioner hasn't been used in months, and because of this, it may need maintenance and/or repair. Keep reading to learn a few things you should do to ensure your AC is ready to keep you and your home comfortable and cool for the upcoming months.

Change the Filter

The filter captures air particles, such as dirt, dust, and dander, improving the air quality inside your home and halting debris from getting inside your AC unit and clogging it up, which could potentially impact energy efficiency in a negative way. In the event that the filter gets clogged up so badly that the filter is unable to continue doing its job, the system will become strained and may increase the timeframe for needing repairs. Therefore, it is important that you change your filter every one to three months.

Check the Condensate Pipe

Make sure that the condensate pipe is still connected to the drain. If it isn't, the area around the unit could potentially flood when the unit drips water following cooling cycles. In addition, you should ensure that there is no algae growth in or around the pipe. Algae growth can occur from excess moisture and constrict the pipe, causing water to be forced back into the system and resulting in damage to mechanical components.

Clean Around the Exterior Unit

In order for your AC unit to receive constant airflow, it needs at least two feet of clearance all around it. It needs to be able to breathe. So, make sure that there is no foliage approaching the unit, and if there is, trim it back. Make sure to clear away any branches, dirt, leaves, and other debris that may be nearby. You should also consider clearing a path to the exterior air conditioning unit to make it easy for you and an AC technician to get to it when necessary.

Schedule a Tune-Up

Ultimately, your HVAC unit should be checked on by a professional twice per year — once in the spring and again in the fall. This inspection and cleaning will consist of a technician cleaning out the ducts, straightening bent fins, tightening loose connections, checking the air filter, and anticipating potential repairs.

To ensure that your air conditioning unit is ready to tackle the warm spring and summer months that are up ahead, contact a residential HVAC service in your area today.