Some Of The Common Damages Your Air Conditioning System Could Suffer

When it comes to air conditioning repair, individuals may be most concerned about refrigerant leaks. While this can be an issue, there is actually a wide range of problems that could impair this system's ability to provide cool air for the house.


Flooding can be an issue that homeowners may not always consider when they are considering potential problems for their system. However, this can be a common issue for residential air conditioning units to encounter as they will produce large amounts of moisture in the form of condensation. If moisture is not able to drain out of the system, it will accumulate until it completely floods the system. Unfortunately, homeowners may not realize that this is occurring until damage as occurred. Luckily, there are sensors that can be added to an air conditioning unit that will be able to monitor for this problem, and it can shut off the system until the water is drained. A clogged drainage pipe for the unit is a common source of this type of water damage, but these drains can be fairly easy to unclog using a bent coat hanger.

Fan Failure

The air conditioners fan will be the most vulnerable component to suffering a mechanical failure. A broken fan can prevent the system from being able to pump cooled air into the home. Most often, problems with the fan will be in the form of the motor that spins it failing. However, the fan itself can also suffer damage. For example, the fan blades could become bent or even broken. If the problem is stemming from the fan itself, a replacement will likely be the advisable repair solution. However, problems with the motor that spins the fan blades may be repairable. An experienced air conditioning repair technician will be able to evaluate the motor and isolate the source of the malfunction. Once this is identified, the faulty component of the motor may be replaced.

Exterior Case Damage

The exterior case of the air conditioning system can also be subject to sizable damages that will have to be repaired. For example, a homeowner may find that their air conditioning unit has suffered extensive corrosion or other wear that is ruining the appearance of the home. It is also possible for damage to the exterior case to impair the functioning of the system as this may cause the intake vents to become bent or warped. Fortunately, repairing the exterior case is among the more affordable repair options. In situations when the damage to the case can not be repaired, it will be possible to replace it with a new one.

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