The AC Installation Guide To High-Velocity Compact Ducts For Home Renovation Projects

Home renovations take a lot of planning, and you do not want to overlook areas like mechanical systems when you renovate your home. Today, modern air conditioning systems come in many different designs to provide homes with more efficient heating and cooling solutions. One of these types of systems is a high-velocity AC, which is ideal for home renovations. The following high-velocity AC installation guide will help you add one of these systems to your home renovations:

Choosing the type of high-velocity HVAC system to have installed—You are going to want to decide on the type of high-velocity HVAC system you want to have installed in your home before you begin your project. When shopping for a compact duct air conditioner, some features to consider include:

  • The size of HVAC, so you can choose one that will work for your home's needs
  • A Heat pump system designs for efficient heating and cooling
  • Options for renewable energy with a solar-ready HVAC system

These are some of the different high-velocity AC solutions that you may want to have installed for your home's heating and cooling needs.

Laying out the compact duct lines and locations for the vent outlets—A vent outlet's location when installing a compact duct system is important. A few things to consider for when looking for the best locations for vents include:

  • Locating vents away from seating and furniture
  • Maintaining direct airflow to provide efficient heating and cooling
  • Locating returns strategically to get the best air circulation

Vents in the right locations will ensure your system is efficient, and your home is comfortable. Work with your AC installer to choose the best location for vents inside your home.

Finding the best place to install your HVAC plenums for compact ducts—One of the largest components of a high-velocity duct system is the plenum. This is the main distribution center for the ducts, and it is a large sealed box. The plenum can be installed in any available space in areas such as attics, crawl spaces, and utility rooms. Try to find a central location for the plenum that will require shorter lengths of compact ducts to go between the plenum to the vents.

Thermostats, controls, and zoned designs for high-velocity air conditioning—Lastly, you need to choose the thermostat and controls for your new HVAC design. Zoned HVAC designs are an important feature to consider for your home, which can improve your heating and cooling performance. You may also want to use smart thermostat controls, which can have the main control panel and separate controls for different areas of a zoned HVAC design.

The installation of a compact duct system could be the perfect solution to add efficient heating and cooling to your home renovation project. Call an AC installation service and ask about high-velocity air conditioning to get started planning mechanical system upgrades for your home. For more information about AC installation, contact a local HVAC professional.