Steps HVAC Companies Take To Troubleshoot Systems

You probably feel frustrated and concerned when your central air conditioning system isn't working properly. For example, maybe it won't turn. Or maybe it turns on but isn't blowing cold air.

When you experience a central AC problem, you'll need services from a local HVAC company. When they arrive to fix the problem, they'll use steps to troubleshoot it. Troubleshooting helps them find the problem when they're uncertain about what's causing the issues.

Check the power

A central AC system might not turn on when you set your thermostat. Systems that won't turn on might have a power supply issue. They might also have one of the following issues:

  • A tripped breaker
  • Bad thermostat
  • Wiring issue

When a system doesn't turn on, these are the common causes. However, it's not common for a system not to turn on, but it happens in some situations.

Examine the air filter

An HVAC technician will ask you to describe the problems that you're experiencing with your system. If your system is short-cycling or not cooling your house well, they might check several things. The first is the air filter. Do you know the purpose of an air filter? The filter cleans the air and provides filtered air to the system to cool. A clogged air filter hinders the process, which leads to the issues you're describing.

Examine the air ducts

HVAC companies also examine the air ducts when troubleshooting AC problems. The trouble with this step is accessing all the air ducts. They'll only examine the ones they can see, as others might not be visible. Air duct leaks cause problems with cooling a home, so this could be the issue.

Evaluate the system's components

The next step of troubleshooting is evaluating each component of your AC system. Then they will look outside your house at the compressor. They will look inside your home at the entire system. Additionally, HVAC companies check coolant levels and look for signs of leaks and damage.

A number of HVAC components can lead to problems cooling a house. For example, a frozen evaporator coil is a common cause of AC troubles. Another common cause is a bad blower motor.

Call for troubleshooting services

AC systems act up from time to time, but HVAC companies can fix all the issues you might encounter. They do this by troubleshooting systems through the steps listed here and others. They'll find the cause of the problem and provide a quote for repairing it.