How To Deal With An Air Conditioner That’s Not Producing Cold Air

Are you having an issue where your air conditioner is not making the cold air that your home needs? If so, it will help to know the various ways that you can deal with this problem. 

Replace The Air Filter

The very first thing that you should do is replace the air filter because it's potentially the quickest and easiest fix. All air that flows through your home will go through the air filter, and a clogged air filter is going to prevent that air from getting through. It can cause the air to become warm by the time it reaches a vent in your home, which is not allowing the home to get as cool as possible. It's a simple problem that many people overlook. 

Clean The Condenser

Every air conditioner is going to have an outdoor condenser, which is where the air conditioner gets rid of the heat that it removes from the air inside your home. However, a clogged condenser can cause problems where the system doesn't produce cold air. You can even run into a problem where the condenser is overheating. When this happens, the condenser will shut off, the thermostat will say the AC is running, and the fan will keep moving inside. However, no cold air is actually being made.

The simple way to deal with a dirty condenser is to clean it with a hose. Make sure to shut the air conditioner down, preferably at a circuit breaker, and then open up the top of the condenser. You can then spray out all of the debris from the inside, which will push it out of the unit rather than inside it. Keep spraying the grills until they are as clean as can be, and watch your air conditioner return to normal. 

Check For A Refrigerant Leak 

Warm air can also be caused by refrigerant leaking somewhere out of the closed system that it travels through. Know that there is no such thing as having low refrigerant that needs to be refilled. If any refrigerant is getting out of the AC system, then that means that there is a leak somewhere that needs to be fixed. Putting in more refrigerant is not a solution because the new refrigerant is just going to leak right back out.

For help finding and repairing a refrigerant leak, reach out to a local HVAC contractor for their help. They'll be sure to get the system back up and running again. 

For more information, contact a local company, like Local Mechanical Heating & Air.