Why Does Your Refrigerator Stay Warm Inside?

If your refrigerator is fairly new, you may not expect the appliance to stay warm during the day. But if the compartments inside your refrigerator do become warm enough to spoil your food, repair it soon. Your refrigerator may have a problem with its compressor. Learn more about your fridge's compressor and how to take care of it below. 

What's Wrong With Your Fridge's Compressor?

Your refrigerator, or fridge, is one of the hardest working appliances in your home. In order to keep your food cold enough to consume safely, the parts inside your refrigerator must operate without issue, including the compressor.

The compressor pulls heat out of the appliance and releases it into your kitchen. If the compressor doesn't have enough room around it to expel heat, it can become hot enough to raise the temperatures inside your refrigerator's upper and lower compartments. 

Dust can also increase the temperature of the compressor. Dust can form a thick layer of insulation on the surface of the compressor over time. If heat becomes trapped inside the part, it will run hot throughout the day. 

You can do a couple of things to cool down your fridge's compressor, including increasing the space behind the appliance. Pull your refrigerator away from the wall and vacuum out the space. Also, take a look at the compressor. If the compressor looks dusty or dirty, unplug the refrigerator and wait until the compressor becomes warm or slightly cool to the touch. Use a duster to remove the dust from the compressor, then return power to your refrigerator. 

If the compartments inside your refrigerator begin to cool down or become cold, you fixed the issue. If the compartments still feel warm to you, call an appliance repair contractor for assistance.

How Do You Repair Your Fridge?  

Your refrigerator can also become warm if its evaporator coil fails. The evaporator coil keeps the upper and lower compartments cold when the appliance is on. The evaporator coil can develop a thick layer of ice on it that prevents it from working. A contractor can thaw out the coil, as well as check other parts inside the appliance to help it work better.

If the evaporator coil didn't create problems for your fridge, a repair contractor may need to replace the compressor. A contractor can generally replace a compressor right away. If you need to know more about replacing your appliance's compressor, speak to a contractor right away.

You can obtain the repair services you need for your refrigerator by contacting an appliance repair contractor.