Why Isn’t Your Furnace Igniting? 4 Common Causes Of Furnace Trouble

The furnace determines whether you will have a cozy and comfortable home during the year's coldest months. Since the last thing you want is to remain covered in countless blankets, you want to ensure that your furnace heats up on demand. Moreover, resolving any heating system issues before the season gets colder is advisable because winter emergencies can be costly. Below are the top four reasons your furnace is not igniting and how an HVAC technician can help. 

The System Isn't Getting Fuel

An interruption in fuel supply to the heating system is among the first reasons for failure. Hence, if you have tried switching on the unit and it is not igniting, start by checking the gas line. In some cases, it is possible that someone switched it off or there is an obstruction. 

Note that the gas line is a delicate part of the heating system, and you shouldn't interfere with it. Instead, get a technician to assess and fix any issues connected to it to avoid mistakes that could lead to fire damage. If the system has obstructions, they will find a way to remove the blockage without puncturing the plumbing, which could lead to future gas leaks. 

You Haven't Been Cleaning the Filter

Most people forget the importance of maintenance when they want a functional furnace in the winter. You should know that part of this maintenance is cleaning or changing the filter. This is because air quality inside your furnace determines how efficient combustion and heat production will be. Hence, if grime and dirt clog the filter, it will make it impossible for the air to get through. The good news is, cleaning or replacing the dirty filter will restore the function of the AC unit. 

The Flame Sensor Stopped Working

The sensor determines whether your furnace should keep firing up or shut down. Thus, problems with the sensor could translate to erroneous signals, forcing the unit to produce excessive amounts of heat. In such a case, some parts of your furnace will burn, and your furnace will stop igniting. Hence, ask a technician to assess your furnace and ensure a working sensor because a malfunction can create a fire hazard in the home. 

There Are Issues With the Igniter

The igniter and pilot light are crucial components that determine how well the combustion process will proceed. If they are defective, you won't hear the characteristic clicking sound, and the ignition cycle won't be complete. Hence, you must replace a defective igniter to restore function.  

Speak to an HVAC contractor if you have any of these issues with your heating system. They are the best people to inspect, locate, and resolve the system to eliminate a chilly indoor space.