Having Issues With Your Refrigerator? Learn About Some Problems That Require Urgent Attention

A refrigerator that works correctly is an asset in any kitchen as it prevents frozen and fresh food from going bad. But like most electrical appliances, it develops issues from years of continued use. While there are some minor refrigerator issues you might address by yourself, in many cases, it's beneficial to enlist the services of a reputable refrigeration appliance repair technician. Read on to learn about refrigerator problems you may experience and the most effective ways to address them.

Your Appliance Isn't Cooling

If your refrigerator isn't cooling, the problem could be damage to the evaporator fan motor. This component is responsible for circulating cold air within the fresh food compartment of your appliance. So, if it's faulty, your technician will replace it promptly. On the other hand, if it's working as it ought to, the expert will check for other possible issues, like damage to the start relay or temperature control thermostat and excessive dirt build-up on the condenser coils.

You Notice Stagnant Water Around Your Appliance

Stagnant water near the refrigerator can signify different issues. For a precise diagnosis, the technician will first check whether the defrost drain is clogged or has ice build-up. These problems cause water to trickle under the compartment before pouring onto the floor. Fortunately, the professional can resolve this problem by thawing the ice and removing debris from the drain. If the drain line is working fine, they'll check whether the issue may be due to a malfunctioning water inlet valve.

Your Food Has Ice Build Up

It can be frustrating to find that your refrigerator is causing ice formation on your food instead of keeping it fresh. Among the leading causes of this issue is a malfunctioning thermostat. Note that the control thermostat helps to regulate the operation of the compressor fan motor. So, whenever this element malfunctions, it causes your appliance to run longer than usual, freezing the food inside it. To resolve this, your technician will inspect the thermostat for continuity and replace it if necessary.

Your Refrigeration Appliance Is Short-Cycling

Suppose your appliance runs and then stops without reaching its optimal cooling capacity. If this is the case, contact a reputable refrigerator technician for repairs. If you don't address this problem in time, you'll notice a spike in your electricity cost. One factor that may lead to this issue is excessive dust accumulation on the condenser coils. Nonetheless, in case cleaning the coils doesn't solve the problem, the technician will check that the refrigerator temperature is set correctly.

On noticing any of the problems mentioned above, ensure that you reach out to a licensed refrigeration contractor. This way, you won't have to deal with extensive refrigeration appliance damage down the road, requiring you to replace the appliance.