Furnace Getting Older? 3 Common Problems It May Have

If you have a furnace that is getting older you need to make sure you keep it maintained properly. Because of its age, it may start having problems and maintenance can help prevent these things from happening. Keep reading for three common problems you may have. 

Will Not Turn On 

If your furnace will not start running check the thermostat to ensure it is set correctly and that it is turned on. If the thermostat will not turn on, the batteries may need to be replaced. If the thermostat is working, check the circuit breaker for your furnace. If the breaker has tripped turn it back on to see if your furnace starts working. If this was the cause and the breaker trips again, you should have it checked by an electrician. 

If your furnace has a pilot light, make sure it is on. If the light is out, your furnace may not turn on. If not on, light the pilot light and try to turn the furnace back on again. If it does, the light should be bright blue. If it is another color, turn the furnace off and contact a repair contractor. 

Making Noises

All furnaces make some noise but if you are hearing noises that are not normal this can be a sign of trouble. If you are hearing a scraping or a grinding sound, this may mean the ball bearings need to be replaced. Turn the furnace off immediately and contact a furnace repair contractor. 

If you are hearing a squealing sound the blower belt is likely worn out or it has slipped. This is generally an easy fix, and you may be able to do it on your own. Refer to the owner's manual on how to replace a blower belt. If the furnace is making a knocking sound, there may be a part loose inside the furnace that needs to be adjusted or tightened.

Blower Fan Will Not Turn Off

If you have the setting on your thermostat set to auto the furnace should come on and turn off throughout the day to maintain the temperature in your home. When it turns off you should hear no noise at all. If you continue to hear the blower fan running, however, there may be a problem with the limit control switch. 

The limit control switch is an important part of your furnace and should be replaced immediately. This is because this is what senses the temperature and turns off your furnace if it becomes overheated. 

Ask the furnace repair contractor about maintenance tips to keep your furnace running longer.