Reasons Why Your AC Fan Is Faulty And What To Do

If your AC unit's fan stops spinning, the unit will not supply cool air throughout your home. Thus, the unit won't regulate indoor temperatures, and it may become difficult to stay indoors. While you wait for the HVAC contractor to repair the AC, you'll have to find another way to regulate indoor temperatures.

But what causes fan issues? 

Read on to learn the factors that could lead to this issue.

The Motor Is Burnt 

If the fan isn't functional, you may suspect the motor. Fan motors can get worn out due to poor maintenance, motor age, or system overuse.

The solution to this issue varies depending on the cause, but faulty fan motors often require repairs or a replacement. Ask the HVAC pro to break down the cost to ensure you find a lasting solution to the problem.

The Capacitor Is Faulty 

A capacitor in your AC links several primary motors — blower, compressor, and outdoor fans. This tiny cylinder-shaped device provides and stores electrical power, which the unit needs to power the fan and the other AC components.

The capacitor can fail due to old age, extreme temperatures, or high voltage, making it difficult for the AC to keep the house cool.

If you notice the issue, switch the condenser on and off to determine if the fan will work. If it does not move, you'll need a replacement, a task only qualified HVAC technicians can handle.

The Belt Is Damaged

Property owners who use an older unit may face fan problems due to a damaged belt. The old models have a belt needed to promote the fan's functionality. If the belt is broken or loose, the fan may stop working.

If you suspect a belt issue, call an HVAC technician to replace it, or consider getting a new AC to evade belt-related problems.

The Contactor Is Damaged

A contactor is a small gadget in the compressor that controls the current flow to other AC unit components. The device switches on and off automatically so the system components, like the fan, can run smoothly. If a contactor is damaged, the AC parts won't function too.

You'll need a technician to replace the contactor to restore the unit's functionality.

Never try to fix AC fan issues independently unless you are a certified HVAC technician. With professional service, you are assured of quality and reliable services, so you can keep the house cool and avoid recurring problems. 

For more information about AC repair, contact a local professional.