Keeping Your Air Conditioning Unit Working Properly

If you use an air conditioning unit in one of the windows in your home to keep a room at a cooler temperature, you want it to work as it should when the temperature rises. There are some preventative steps that aid in keeping your unit running properly. Here are maintenance steps to take on a routine basis to help you avoid a non-cooling situation.

Get Your Unit Serviced Yearly

It is wise to have your air conditioner checked over by a repair service each year. The simple step of contacting a professional to come to your home to take a look at your unit ensures it is running properly and is in no need of repair. If there is an issue that the air conditioning repair service notices, it is handled correctly so the unit does not falter during the warmer time of the year. Call a service during the wintertime so you have plenty of time to have the unit repaired if it does have a problem that requires fixing.

Clean The Unit's Components

A dirty air conditioning unit does not work up to its full potential. If the air filter is clogged, the unit will likely have to run more often to cool your room. Make sure to check on the condition of the air filter every few weeks and replace or clean it as needed so airflow is unrestricted. The condensation tubing inside the unit also requires cleaning so it does not become clogged. If you notice discoloration within the tubing, unplug your unit, remove the tubing, and rinse it in clean water to remove caked-on algae. Use a vacuum cleaner attachment to remove any debris from the inside of the unit as well.

Know Your Unit's Capabilities

If your room does not cool when your unit is running, and you have already determined there are no issues requiring repair work, make sure the unit pushes out enough air for the amount of space in the room. It is best to keep the door closed to the room so cooler air does not disperse to other areas of your home. If your air conditioning unit is not of adequate wattage for the space, consider investing in a more powerful unit. An air conditioning repair service will make recommendations regarding specific brands and models they feel would work best in the room you are trying to keep cool.