Four Types Of HVAC Installations That Will Save You Money

HVAC systems have come a long way since their inception in the early 1900s. A few decades ago, remote-controlled HVAC systems hadn't yet been thought of. However, these days, you can control the settings of your HVAC unit from your smartphone. Due to tremendous technological advancements in HVAC installation, consumers can now install high-tech systems that enable them to save money on energy and installation costs.  Thus, if you are looking to upgrade or install a new HVAC system in your house, here are four emerging trends you should consider for your HVAC installation. Read More 

3 Subtle Signs Your Forced-Air Heating System Requires Immediate Repairs

You don't have to wait for your heating system to stop working for you to call for repairs. A forced-air system will give subtle signs of impending failure before ceasing operations. Sometimes, the faults don't affect the operation of the heater. Instead, they lead to increased energy consumption and premature wear of components. Thus, look out for the following signs that signal your heater may require repairs. Dust in Your Home Read More 

A Few Ways A Heat Pump Differs From A Central HVAC

If your home needs a new HVAC system, you might want to get a heat pump instead. A heat pump supplies both warm and cool air, and it can be installed with or without ducts. Here are some ways a pump system differs from a central heating and air conditioning system. The Pump Has A Reversing Valve A heat pump uses refrigerant to both cool and heat your home. The pump works by moving warm air from inside your house to the outside, or from outside to the inside. Read More 

A Faulty Thermal Expansion Valve Affects The Refrigerant In Your AC And Can Cause The Equipment To Ice Over

If your air conditioner keeps icing over, the problem might be a bad thermal expansion valve. This valve is part of the refrigeration system in your air conditioner, and when it malfunctions, your AC won't be able to cool your house very well. Your air conditioner might run all day and not cool your house, or it might freeze over and shut down. Here's a look at the important role the expansion valve plays in cooling your house and what an AC repair technician might do when the valve goes bad. Read More 

Turning Up The Heat On Ductless Heat Pump Installation Myths

A warm house automatically feels like home. However, a high electric or gas bill can make your home feel a little less inviting and your home heat system appears much more ominous. Staying warm shouldn't be expensive, and that is precisely the idea that continues to drive the evolution of home heating systems. The ductless heat pump is one of the best inventions that came to fruition because of engineers looking for energy-efficient heating potential. Read More