Easy Ways Homeowners Can Avoid Expensive Repairs With Their Air Conditioning Unit

There are many appliances in your home, but none are more important during the summer months than the air conditioning unit. Without it, you'd be left to bear uncomfortable temperatures all day long. To ensure this appliance works optimally and doesn't need expensive repairs, take these actions.  Regularly Swap Out the Air Filter  No matter what type of air conditioning unit you have, it always needs a clean air filter. When it doesn't, it will be prone to collecting dirt and debris -- which are substances that can prevent your air conditioner from lasting as long. Read More 

Is It Time To Call A Heating Repair Technician?

Figuring out whether a heating repair problem is something you can deal with, or an issue for a technician to handle may help you save some money. Pay attention to these four signs of whether it might be time to speak with someone at a heating repair services company. A Thud Before the Heat Comes On If you have a forced-air gas furnace, hearing any kind of heavy sound prior to heat being blown is an indicator of a potentially serious situation. Read More 

3 Tips To Save Money On Your HVAC Bill This Halloween

Halloween is not often associated with your home's HVAC system, but the Halloween season could give your wallet a scare in the form of high energy costs if you're not careful. As the spookiest time of the year approaches, here are a few tips that will keep increased heating costs at bay. Set Up Outside Instead of Constantly Opening Your Door Halloween is a multi-day affair in some neighborhoods, with local communities organizing more than one trick or treat session according to age group. Read More 

Keeping The House Warm And Your Chin Lifted When Your Furnace Died

It should almost be a country western song; "the furnace died, it was so cold, I did not want the kids to know, so broke and cold, so we found ways to stay warm and cozy!" While that idea may be amusing, the reality of a dead furnace in winter is a little more serious. Here are some ways to keep you and your children warm while you wait for your furnace repair service to arrive. Read More 

The Problems Of An HVAC Duct System

If the duct area of an HVAC system has problems, air might not flow through correctly. Problematic air ducts can also lead to a foul odor lingering in your house, especially when they are old. The duct system can actually decrease the level of efficiency that the system has if it never receives any professional maintenance. In some cases, a duct system can become problematic to the extent of needing to be removed so a technician can install a new one. Read More