Why the AC Type is a Major Factor In Residential AC Installation?

Air conditioners are some of the most important appliances in our homes, keeping us cool on hot days and making our indoor environment comfortable. Choosing the right type of air conditioner is essential if you want to maximize its efficiency while staying within your budget. But why is AC type such a major factor when it comes to residential AC installation? Here are five reasons why it's so important:  1. Efficiency  Read More 

4 Lesser Known Furnace Components You Should Know About

When it comes to what components make up your furnace, many people already know about how the blower motor and heat exchanger work. However, there are other components that may not be as obvious without further research. Here is what you need to know about some of those additional components that help the furnace do its job, which can help you diagnose the need for a potential repair. Ignitor There are different types of ignitors that are used to start up your furnace, with two of the most common ones being spark ignitors and hot surface ignitors. Read More 

Why Isn’t Your Furnace Igniting? 4 Common Causes Of Furnace Trouble

The furnace determines whether you will have a cozy and comfortable home during the year's coldest months. Since the last thing you want is to remain covered in countless blankets, you want to ensure that your furnace heats up on demand. Moreover, resolving any heating system issues before the season gets colder is advisable because winter emergencies can be costly. Below are the top four reasons your furnace is not igniting and how an HVAC technician can help. Read More 

Residential Electrician: 4 Signs It’s Time To Have Your Electrical Panel Replaced

As a homeowner, you probably don't think about your home's electrical panel until an issue comes up. And when that happens, it can be a real shock to find out that your electrical panel is outdated or even dangerously defective. A faulty electrical panel can be dangerous, so it's important to have it replaced as soon as possible. It's not always easy to tell when your electrical panel needs to be replaced, but here are a few signs you can look out for. Read More 

Why Does Your Refrigerator Stay Warm Inside?

If your refrigerator is fairly new, you may not expect the appliance to stay warm during the day. But if the compartments inside your refrigerator do become warm enough to spoil your food, repair it soon. Your refrigerator may have a problem with its compressor. Learn more about your fridge's compressor and how to take care of it below.  What's Wrong With Your Fridge's Compressor? Your refrigerator, or fridge, is one of the hardest working appliances in your home. Read More