Replace Your Electric Furnace With A Gas Furnace

Many homeowners use electric furnaces for a variety of reasons. They may not have been able to run gas lines into their home at the time of their last furnace installation, or they may have enjoyed low electricity prices in the past, for example. As natural gas companies have expanded their service areas, many homeowners are now making the switch to gas furnaces. If you want to replace your old electric furnace with a gas furnace, your HVAC contractor will have to take a few extra steps during your furnace installation, including the following. Read More 

Why Are My Condenser Lines Frozen?

It seems ironic to complain about one of the units inside your air conditioner being frozen, especially since the main function of your air conditioning system is to provide cold air in the first place. If your condenser coils are frozen over with a thick layer of ice, however, not only will your system not run as efficiently as it could, it could overheat the motor and cause the entire unit to fail. Read More 

The AC Installation Guide To High-Velocity Compact Ducts For Home Renovation Projects

Home renovations take a lot of planning, and you do not want to overlook areas like mechanical systems when you renovate your home. Today, modern air conditioning systems come in many different designs to provide homes with more efficient heating and cooling solutions. One of these types of systems is a high-velocity AC, which is ideal for home renovations. The following high-velocity AC installation guide will help you add one of these systems to your home renovations: Read More 

Why Your AC Is Making Rattling Noises

Rattling noises from the air conditioner (AC) are not just bothersome —they also signal that something is wrong with the AC that may need repairs. Diagnose such noises with a professional as soon as you realize them to prevent further damage. Below are some of the typical causes of rattling noises from the AC. Worn Isolation Pads A typical AC has multiple moving parts. The moving parts emit some vibrations as the AC runs, and the vibrations transfer to other parts of the AC. Read More 

Addressing Thermostat Problems Affecting AC Performance

Residential AC units can malfunction in a lot of different ways. This is particularly true regarding the thermostats that control them. They can short-circuit and prevent your AC unit from turning on. If you're currently dealing with thermostat issues affecting AC performance, then here are a few ways to address them. Think About Simple Solutions First Just because the thermostat is not working like it should and subsequently causing problems for your AC unit, that doesn't mean something is severely wrong and the thermostat needs to be replaced. Read More