Four Ductwork Improvements To Reduce Energy Loss With Your HVAC System

If you are like millions of other homeowners, you have a central HVAC system. These systems have a series of ductwork, which deliver the air conditioning in your home. The ducts can also be a source of wasted energy due to damage, poor insulation and dirt. If you want your HVAC system to be more efficient, improving the ductwork is an affordable improvement that you may want to consider. Here are some of the things that can be done to your ducts to reduce energy loss in your home: Read More 

Three Ways To Get The Most Energy Efficiency For Commercial HVAC Using Geothermal Technologies

Energy expenses for businesses are a major part of their operating costs, which is why you may want to have the best energy saving technologies for your business. This can include geothermal HVAC systems to reduce the cost of heating and cooling. In commercial applications, geothermal solutions can be used for other mechanical needs such as refrigeration and commercial boilers. If you want to have a commercial HVAC solution that can give your more energy savings, here are somethings that can be done with geothermal technologies: Read More 

2 Sounds A Central A/C Can Make – And The Problems Behind Them

The central air conditioner for your home has two sections, an interior air handler and an exterior condensing unit. It's the condensing unit that you'll likely be near the most often as you use your yard or perform routine maintenance on the unit. If you suddenly notice the unit making a new noise, it might be time to call an air conditioner repair professional. The type of sound you're hearing is important to note during your service call as it can provide a hint to the potential problem. Read More 

3 Faulty Furnace Symptoms Explained

Despite the seeming simplicity of your home's furnace, it does far more than you may realize and in a more complex and fine-tuned way. This is especially true for furnaces within the last few years. Some of the latest, higher-end furnace systems can regulate the humidity of the air, reduce the presence of pathogens and toxins, and even neutralize cooking smells that would otherwise linger. However, most people are plenty happy to see their basic, single-stage furnace last longer than 10 years without any major upsets. Read More 

Landscaping Around Your Air Conditioner Condenser? What You Don’t Know Could Cost You!

Landscaping around your air conditioner condenser is a great idea. After all, your air conditioner condenser isn't the most attractive piece of equipment, and proper landscaping can hide the condenser while beautifying the lawn. However, your air conditioner condenser is a sensitive piece of equipment that requires adequate air flow and ventilation in order to function properly. Improper landscape techniques in the vicinity of the condenser can cause debris and organic matter to build up inside and around the condenser, which can actually do damage. Read More