How To Clean Your AC Condenser Fins

Does it feel like your air conditioner is not as efficient as it used to be? Does it seem like there is reduced airflow, and the air that is coming out is not as cold as it should be? If you're having any of these problems, it does not necessarily mean that you need to go out and buy a new air conditioner. In fact, you can most likely improve the efficiency of your AC unit with this simple do-it-yourself cleaning. Read More 

3 Tips to Make Your Home’s Air-Conditioning Unit Last Longer

Air-conditioning units are essential during the hot summer weather, but replacing a failing unit can be very expensive. Most people do not want to spend thousands of dollars on a new AC unit, so it is important to know how to maintain your current unit and reduce unneeded wear and tear so it can last as long as possible. Use the following tips to ensure that your air conditioner meets or exceeds its expected lifespan. Read More 

AC Broken? 4 Quick Air Conditioning Repair Tips

There's no worse time for your air conditioner to break down than the middle of summer. If it's hot, and your ac stops working, you don't need to call a repairman right away. Try some of these ac repair tips first: 1. Check the power Often, the simplest explanation for a broken air conditioner is a lack of power. The first thing you need to do is check your circuit breaker. Read More 

3 Potential Fixes For A Dehumidifier That Is Running But Inefficient

The efficiency of your dehumidifier can spell the difference between a comfortable summer day and having humidity hanging on the interior walls of your home. If your dehumidifier is running but you're still experiencing indoor issues, there are a few potential causes. Some of the fixes might require the help of an air conditioning repair technician. Clean the Grill, Filter, and Bucket A dehumidifier requires regular maintenance to remain efficient. Read More 

Your Guide To Understanding Baseboard Heating

Baseboard heating technically refers to two separate types of heating systems. First, you have the electric baseboard heaters which are individual units that keep a house warm by being placed in each individual room. Second, you have hot water baseboard heaters which work the similarly to central heating. Hot water baseboard heaters keep a home warm by sending hot water through the pipes to the individual units in each room. Learning more about baseboard heating can help a homeowner decide if it is the right heating system for him or her. Read More