Having Your Central Air Replaced At The Office? Get Ready With This Checklist

Central air conditioning units tend to last between 10 and 15 years before they must be replaced. Therefore, if you have a central cooling unit in your office building that has been in use for about that long, you may be facing an imminent replacement. Having any kind of work done in a workplace environment can be a bit of a challenge, but the best way to get through the process unscathed is to get prepared in advance. Read More 

3 Things To Try When Your Air Conditioner No Longer Works Well

Do you have an air conditioner that's not working as well as it should? Are you tired of your home getting too hot during the day? Your first instinct might be to think that your air conditioner has completely broken and needs to be replaced. However, this isn't necessarily the case. There are a number of issues that may be preventing your air conditioner from working as well as it has in the past. Read More 

Give Your Bathroom A New Look In Spite Of Your Shoestring Budget

Thumbing through the home decor magazines, you can't help but feel inspired by all those beautiful modern bathroom designs. Unfortunately, your bathroom looks like it is stuck in the 1970s and your bank account holds what resembles a week's wages from the same decade. The average bathroom remodel could set you back over $9,000, according to HomeAdvisor. Thankfully, the bathroom is one of the easiest rooms to transform without a lot of money because it is smaller than most rooms in the house, so little changes mean a lot. Read More 

Money Saving Tips For Your Heating Bill This Winter

Your furnace may be working just fine, but it could be costing you extra money on your heating bill every month. If your home and furnace aren't in top shape, you could be blowing quite a bit of money unnecessarily on your heating bill. See below for some things you can do to help save you money on your heating bill this winter. Winterize Your Home Get your home winter ready (which can also benefit you in the summer as well). Read More 

3 Air Conditioning Replacement Options

When it seems like you're having your central air conditioning system repaired every few weeks and your home is uncomfortably warm all summer, it is most likely time to look into your options for air conditioning replacement. While upgrading to a new, modern, more energy-efficient central AC unit is a great option, there are also a few alternatives worth looking into. Here are a few unique options for replacing your air conditioner: Read More